I want to…

Connect with my students

vUWS – Your central system to send announcements about the unit; invite students to respond to issues in the news or debate perspectives; encourage students to reflect on their learning, and build a community of learners.
(Discussion board, Announcements, Messages, Email, Journals)

Zoom – The University’s video-conferencing solution available on a range of devices. Host and record online meetings, share files or your screen, create breakout rooms and foster collaboration.

GoSoapBox – Create polls and quizzes to gauge student knowledge, perspective or feedback.

Capture my lecture

Western One Stop Studio (WOS) – WOS Studios enable staff to create great video pods, fast. You’ll only need yourself and a PowerPoint file to make quality, concise and engaging video presentations. WOS Studios are available to staff across the Western Sydney University campus network. Find a studio, resources and more at the Western Sydney University website.

OERs – Communities where you can use, create, share and contribute to collections of material and exercises freely available to the world. (Creative Commons, Coursera, Khan Academy, The University Library, Merlot, MIT Open Courseware and OER Commons)

You might also create resources for your unit that rely on specific software or online tools and apps. When choosing tools opt for free tools that can be easily accessed by students.

Set up groupwork

vUWS – Enable students to comment, upload media and record project progress to facilitate collaboration and critical thinking.
(Blogs, Discussion board, Wiki)

Provide formative feedback

vUWS – Create non-assessable components for students to regularly test their knowledge of concepts as they progress, rather than waiting for the marks and feedback from formal assessment tasks.
(Quizzes – creating, settings)

Share ideas with colleagues

Yammer – One of the University’s social media platforms to foster open dialogue, debate and the exchange of information and ideas between staff.

Do adaptive release

vUWS – Create a set of rules to control how content is released to students to create a progressive learning process or cater for different study modes, i.e. online or face-to-face. The rules may be related to availability, date and time, individual usernames, group membership and more.

The University also provides all staff and students with access to training videos covering a multitude of applications, e.g. Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Captivate, apps etc. Staff can log in using the Organisation Portal.