The delivery phase involves engagement of students; a key component in ensuring student success within a TEL environment.

Your presence in a TEL environment is crucial for student engagement and success. Start by providing clear instructions about what students should do first and where they can find essential information about their assessments, learning activities and learning materials.  

As you move into the delivery phase of your TEL unit, you will have already designed learning activities and assessment tasks and ensured that there is an alignment with learning objectives. As students begin to engage with the unit, however, there are some practical steps that you can undertake to ensure the effective delivery of your unit. 


How will you engage students in a TEL environment? What support can you provide them?

The instructor’s presence is essential for student retention and learning. Set clear expectations, be consistent in being present in online communities with learners, provide feedback and monitor student progress. You may also consider doing regular check-ins or collaborate sessions with your students via Zoom meetings and encourage students to interact with their peers.

How will you track and monitor students who are at risk?

Tracking and monitoring student progress in the unit is essential in identifying those that are at risk. There are reports within Blackboard that will help you identify if students haven’t logged on, have missed assessments or aren’t participating in learning communities.

Refer to QM Standards 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

Learner Engagement


How will you collect feedback to ensure continuous improvement of your TEL unit?

The feedback students provide about your TEL unit at the end of the semester can be valuable in helping you improve and refine your teaching. Soliciting student feedback during the beginning and mid-semester has the additional benefit of allowing you to hear your students’ concerns while there is still time in the semester to make appropriate changes.  Include other people in the TEL space like co-facilitators and tutors as they bring a different perspective to the student learning experience.



Once you have completed the Deliver phase, let’s move onto the Review phase.

Review Phase