LANTITE Numeracy Test Practise Questions

This website contains 890 practise questions for the LANTITE Numeracy Test.
The questions located here cover most of the skills listed in the LANTITE Numeracy Test syllabus, and so allow you to practise using these skills in the context of word problems. However, you should not expect that the questions you are served in the actual LANTITE Numeracy Test will necessarily look like the questions that you see here.
For example, some LANTITE questions may involve more reading, or be more complex than those presented here. Make sure that you study the Practise Test on the ACER LANTITE website carefully in addition to these questions.

Short Practise Tests (15 questions)

Mostly Number and Algebra

Mostly Measurement



Rates and Ratios

Review Tests

Full Practise Tests (65 Questions: 52 with calculator, 13 without calculator)

Each test is offered as a single, 2-hour test, or 5 short tests, each containing 13 questions. This allows you to do the test either in one go, or bit-by-bit.
* You can use a calculator for the first 52 questions. The last 13 questions are marked as NON-CALCULATOR
* You should aim for about 90 minutes for the first part and 20 minutes for the calculator-free part. This will allow you to finish comfortably within 2 hours.
* You should be aiming to get all the questions correct.

Practise Test 1

Practise Test 2

Practise Test 3

Practise Test 4

Practise Test 5

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