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Welcome to the home for information and resources to inspire and guide you on creating engaging online learning experiences. There is a why, when and how for every kind of learning and technology that ensure the learner is supported and developing the appropriate skills and knowledge to transfer their learning to the real-world.

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Engaging with first years

First year students are typically new to University and require guidance in how to access content and how to participate in activities. The following articles are provided to help students adjust to being a social and independent learner.

Teaching large classes synchronously

Synchronous classes pose many challenges when the group is large. Creating a community of learners and keeping tracking of student engagement and acitivity are ways in which students can find a sense of belonging. More information and tips are provided.

Teaching asynchronously

Asynchronous activities have the challenge of timely interaction for students to keep motivated. It also provides more time for independent thinking and forming of ideas. The following articles are provided to help teach in asynchronous environments.