Active Learning

The materials in this website have been designed to help you to design and facilitate active learning in your online setting or face-to-face classroom. We will take you through what active learning means and how you can implement learning activities that encourage your students to become autonomous, active learners. You will learn about how the various flavours of active learning, such as problem-based or experiential learning, can be integrated into your units and how you can deliver active learning strategies using tools in the university’s LMS or other external tools that promote student-centred learning.

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The structure of the website is simple. Top-level categories called ‘learning design approaches’ are introduced and explained and each learning design approach is linked to a set of learning activities that can be used to implement a particular active learning approach. For example, problem-based learning is typically associated with a set of steps. These steps will be explained and you will be introduced to learning activities and the affordances of the tools that can help you deliver the objectives of each stage. Each suggested learning activity will include a brief introduction, how it can be used, the tools to implement it and examples from different teaching and learning contexts.

What is Active Learning?

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